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Problems with new Library Management System

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Problems with new Library Management System

Hi @jorge_garcia2 , I've just started a new project for a PSU in Fusion, created multiple similar PCBs using EAGLE in the past.


I'm using multiple parts from Würth Elektronik, they have their own managed libraries with incredibly good quality.

In EAGLE the workflow was:

-> Go to Homepage and search for the Part you need with * around, get the part number and search for it in EAGLE (or Fusion before the last update that changed the library system):


This way I found all parts I needed (this is also the recommended Workflow from Würth Elektronik).


If I now try the same in Fusion360 I'm not able to find the part:


There is no difference if I search with or without * before or after the number (in this case74279224181);

Funnily your forum software censores the partnumber, maybe thinking it is a telephone number if i write it on its own: xxx-xxxxxxxx


If I search for the Part-Series of the part (in this example WE-MPSB) I get this:


Then I need to select the part number with the technology command:



Is it possible to let me search for Devices (or parts of the full device name, here it is):
WE-MPSB_2220_74279224181(H=1.8) (WE-MPSB_2220) (Version 1)

Or let one choose custom value fields to search in that are defined in Attributes (for this part it would be PART-NUMBER).




Thanks and have an enjoyable day!


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in reply to: HF_Claus

Hi @HF_Claus - You can still use the ADD command in Fusion, by typing it explicitly in the command box. Honestly, I tend to use this because the new Place Components feature is not quite up to scratch yet.


I would like to be able to bring back the button for ADD actually. It's a pain that this was removed when the Pace Components feature was added.

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in reply to: jonrbloom

Hi @jonrbloom, thank you for your help!
This is quite ****ty as I must know the full Device name, for example WE-MPSB_2220_74279224181(H=1.8).

On my own Libraries this is no problem (for me, for my colleges who are only using them it's another story), but still a pain in the ass.

Also, Fusion will hang for about 15-20 seconds without responding.

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in reply to: HF_Claus

Yep. There's work to do here for sure. This has been acknowledged by @jorge_garcia2 as an area AD want to improve. I am also looking forward to a proper search experience.

Right now I personally find ADD the lesser of the two evils.

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in reply to: HF_Claus

Hi everyone,


So the thing that's missing is that the place parts panel doesn't search based on attributes like the old add dialog does. The devs are aware of this and will correct it. In any case I'm adding this thread as evidence that this needs to be done.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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