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Problems with editing board in 3D view

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Problems with editing board in 3D view

Editing part position and board shape in 3D view seems to be rather flaky.  Firstly, I had created some mounting holes in a PCB and referenced them to the edge of the board.  Subsequently I edited the board size from the sketch in 3D view, lengthening one side and all of the holes lost their references and moved to random positions on the board.  Not a huge problem to recreate the references but none the less irritating.  Surely it isn't meant to work like that?  That wouldn't happen in with component extruded from a sketch, the reference are are relative to edge and the hole would move when the sketch was modified.


More importantly, I have a part with milled slots in the pads for flat  pins.  When I initially placed the part on the PCB the slots were correctly created in the PCB in both the 2D and 3D views.  I then rearranged the position of some parts in 3D view and after several iterations of  pushing the board back and forth between 2d and 3D the part and it's pads are correctly placed but the milled slots have not moved with it.  See attached picture.  How can I get the slot to realign with the part?




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Hi @PW_VOX ,


When you do a move in the 3D PCB, there's an option to update the 2D PCB and routing. Make sure those two options are selected.


Let me know if you continue to run into issues.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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Hi, @PW_VOX 


Thanks for reflecting the problem to us. For position update of slot, this is actually a problem, We have reached to development team they will try to make an appropriate fix.

For associated mount holes in 3D PCB. Would I know it's created with hole feature or circle sketch?  And it would be better if you could share the data and reproduce videos with us. 



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in reply to: yiqiu.han

Thanks for the quick reply.


The slots are created by a polygon on layer 46 (milling).   It is Switchcraft power jack and the symbol and footprint were downloaded from their website.


Test project demonstrating problem here    Here is a video showing exactly what I did.

<iframe width="696" height="685" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen></iframe>

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in reply to: PW_VOX

Hi, @PW_VOX 


Appreciate for sharing files and steps with us. As Jorge mentioned, The position update of the mounting hole does need a round of syncing with 2D PCB, this is because 3D PCB is based on information that comes from 2D PCB. our current technology needs to fetch updated footprint and board information from 2D PCB. 



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