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Positive chat with Richard today, Autodesk DO listen

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Positive chat with Richard today, Autodesk DO listen

Hey Everyone, 

I thought you should hear this from me.
Some of you might have detected a, hmm, bit less than positive attitude from me towards Fusion Electronics. 😉
In the week or so that I've used it, I have posted 20+ bug reports, a couple of crash reports and a lot of forum posts about various issues.
And without much response.
One reason being, that the dev team was a bit overwhelmed 😉
And reached out for a chat.

So, today, I had a most pleasant 2 1/2 hour Zoom meeting with Richard Hammerl and Pradip Mistry, where we went though my list of 50+ issues with Fusion Electronics. I was able to illustrate most of them, through screen sharing.

We got a few things sorted out directly, but most important, the issues got the attention of the dev team.
The meeting reassured me that Autodesk IS listening and doing their best to weed out the issues in Fusion Electronics.

It's not all going to happen today, but Richard promised it would all be done on Friday. Right, Richard?
Hehe, well, maybe not quite that fast, but expect to see some changes and fixes in the upcoming releases.

A positive meeting, my faith is restored.

Below is my list of talking points that we went through.



Questions for Autodesk meeting:


Absolutely #1 MAIN issue:
Lack of local files.
Slowness of cloud solution
Cannot use GitHub anymore for sharing the project files.
Did I say, lack of local files?

EAGLE 9.6.2 Dead in the water on Big Sur.
Big question, future of standalone EAGLE
If FE worked, not such a bit deal.

3D PCB not showing correctly (visual, non-critical errors).

Wonderful faults to show on Bosch PCB
“View 3D PCB” vs the much better “Push to 3D PCB”
Text in copper and solder mask not shown correctly
THT pads are shown fine without solder mask, why can’t SMD pads be shown?
Using the “3D PCB with canvases” does this correctly, but it does not actually 3D render
the solder mask as the normal mode does.
The “Stop Layer Geometry” works, but gives a completely different look and is extremely slow.
Stop Layer Geometry renders layers in incorrect order at some view angles.

Several issues with multiple screens and with the user interface showing stuff when it shouldn’t and not showing when it should.
Error popup on other desktops
Inspector/Selection Filter under schematic window
Click on dock icon not restoring Fusion window, but showing parts of interface on current desktop
Weird recovery file error and popup on wrong desktop
Fusion popups staying in front even if other window clicked to active/top state

“Change Package” show all other similar devices on the board.

Replace a package (3D MODEL ONLY) or simply overwrite it. Not allowed.
Simple import of STEP models.
Footprints and 3D models garbaging up my Team HUB.
Share 3D model between several different footprints (like with the solderpads)
Share ONE footprint between several 3D models (LEDs with colors)


Some Input fields for Create New Package difficult to navigate and enter data into.

Colors, contrast is horrible, Highlight with High Contrast is unusable.

DRC errors with vias in footprints. (STM32L071 or similar with center pad)

Routing sometimes blocked for no reason.


When loading an Electronics Project, ALL Views are loaded automatically, schematic, PCB and 3D.
This is slow and normally not needed, especially not the 3D view.
When loading the project, the schematic will show up, saying
Schematic/PCB Sync severed. Open the associated PCB document.
Too early, things aren’t loaded yet!
In some situations, clicking the “View 3D PCB” will open the 3D window, then warn about the 2D/3D
documents being out of sync. Yes! That’s WHY I clicked the View 3D PCB button!!!
Command-Z doesn’t Undo completely.


Extremely slow library handling with

Libraries doesn’t load or show at

Design manager bugs.
All Sheets/Sheet 1/Sheet 2 issues.

CAM processor errors
Zoom doesn’t work correctly.
If selecting 2-layer cam, it’s complaining about layers 2 and 15 being in the layer stack and not used.
But there are NO layers 2 and 15!
Gerber Job File location incorrect, cannot be c.ustomized.
No schematic output.
Why IPC-D-356 and PickAndPlace buttons, when this should be in the CAM processor?
And, why PickAndPlace there, then another Pick & Place in the CAM processor, which generates a
different output format.
And what IS those formats?
No Gerber viewer?


Forums web-page
Being logged off often and randomly.

Support requests not quite working. Missing attachments, link should be in emails



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in reply to: jesper8W75R

Hi Jesper and bravo and thanks for the community.


Did you speak with him about the library problems ? if yes what's he reply to you ?


Best Jesper and thanks again.

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in reply to: RitchieParis

Yes, we also talked a lot about the issues with the library handling.
They are fully aware that there are issues and are working on a many updates to this.
While we didn't discuss exactly WHAT they're going to change, changes ARE coming.

Sadly, I doubt it will be local and off-cloud files, but lets see what will happen and how it will work.
At least it cannot be worse than it is now 😉

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in reply to: jesper8W75R

I already sent a mail to Richard to but never reply.


Thanks to you Jesper the unity is strength…I hope.



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