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Please wait, this library cannot be saved while packages are being uploaded to Fusion Team.

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Please wait, this library cannot be saved while packages are being uploaded to Fusion Team.

I am experiencing a problem with an electronics library. I have been editing the library because I created the design before I fully understood all of the relationships between the various parts of the design, the library, and the Fusion Team environment (still don't, actually). Anyway, I wanted to create a proper 3D representation of the board, so I went back to each component and added a 3D package. For a couple of them, I had more trouble than others, and I made rookie mistakes like associating a 16 pin header STP with a 10 pin pad, and so on. Not sure how that happened, since it does not appear that way (10 pin footprint with a 16-pin 3D STP) in the package editor, but it DOES in the 3D PCB. Anyway, after several attempts at correcting the library entry, I noticed that I was no longer able to save the library because Fusion responded to my attempts with "Please wait, this library cannot be saved while packages are being uploaded to Fusion Team".  The part that seemed to be stuck was one that I had replaced in the schematic using the Quick Action - Replace a part with a different device. In the schematic, an old version of the library is referenced in Inspector for the problematic part, but I guess this is because the changes I have made to the library have yet to be saved. Now I am unable to move forward. The library won't save because Fusion complains it has not finished uploading, but it just seems to be hung and not progressing.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  

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Hi @LloydTravisSmith ,


I think Jesper ran into something like this. What operating system are you running?

How long has Fusion been in that state. Has it moved beyond that now?

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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I am on Win 10. It was stuck in that state for a couple of hours. I finally
was able to get past it by forcing a close and then running the Fusion360
service utility that I learned about here:

which directed me to here:

After reopening Fusion360, it took a while to upload the related contents
of the project I was working on, but when I opened the project after the
contents were uploaded, I was able to fix the library, save the changes,
then replace the part in the schematic.
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Similar issue like me, yes.
I also quit Fusion, but they kept coming back to show up as being uploaded.
However, nothing actually happened, they were stuck for days.
After clearing the cache, I finally got rid of them.

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