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Personal (Free) edition maximum PCB size - Please extend to 100mm x 100mm

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Personal (Free) edition maximum PCB size - Please extend to 100mm x 100mm

I am a hobbyist who is a prolific PCB maker and JLPCB customer. A longtime Eagle and Fusion 360 user I would like to switch to Fusion 360 for PCB design, but I also want to create designs that capitalize on JLPCB's max board size of 100mm x 100mm. Is there a petition somewhere asking for the personal edition max board size to be extended to that size that I can add my name to?

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Hello Greg,

this story of the size of the PCB is really crazy expecially considering the very high cost of the paid license which is clearly out of range for most of DIYers.

On top of this there are also wrong info published on the Autodesk site about the argument (see my post on monday).


Luckely there is a solution: move to Kicad. I am in the process and I'm amazed to discover how pro has become the last version that in certain things (search, footprint association, board shape and much more) is even superion IMHO then Fusion Electronics.

And it's totally free with no limitations at all. Move out!


Hope it helps,



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in reply to: greg.schumacher

I'm with Greg, but I think 150mm by 150mm, or better yet, 200mm by 200mm

that would cover most, if not all, of the stuff I want to make at home, and
I would not have to "steal" it from my company account.


and while kicad may be all kinds of useful, I prefer only having to fight with one

electronics etc software package.

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Yes it would be really nice if it was bigger.  3.5" x 3.5" is pretty small, especially if you're using through-hole components, which us hobbyists tend to use, to avoid the difficulties of working with SMT's by hand.

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