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Permission issue when editing footprint

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Permission issue when editing footprint

I opened library manager, and opened one of my managed libraries. When I went to edit a footprint I got this error message:


What exactly does this mean? Can I only edit a copy? How do I get any edits back in my library?

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Hi, @infinite.machinery 


It means that you are not the editor of the library you used.

If you don't create a copy, you will be not allowed to modify the device from this library, you can only adopt the update when the editor has created new version for this library.

If you create a copy from it, you will be able to utilize this library in any way like create new version, roll back and share public link...


Hope that helps~


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The problem is that I am the creator of this library. I am a single solitary user of Fusion 360. I was previously able to edit parts in this library, but now I can't? 


How can this be resolved?

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Hi @infinite.machinery ,


I hope you're doing well. By any chance do you have multiple Autodesk logins? If you do only one of them is the owner you may have to check to make sure you are logging in with the correct one. If this is a library you want to share across accounts then make sure to invite all of your accounts to the project.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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I only have one account that I use for Fusion 360 and Eagle.

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I went ahead a created a new footprint and attached it to a new device. When I went back to edit the footprint I'm getting this message 



If I click OK, instead of the normal footprint designer I get dumped into a Fusion 360 designer which looks like this:



I can't do anything in this designer except quit. I don't see any of the usual footprint tools. I see F360 sketches for Pads but I can't do anything from there. There's no Edit Sketch menu that would bring up any footprint designer tools. Help.

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Hi infinite.machinery


I hope you're doing well. Sorry to hear that you have confusion about editing package workflow.


  • For the first issue you mentioned when you edited a package, it prompted message "The referenced package is in Fusion Team, but you don't have permission to edit it. Do you wish to make a new copy and update the reference?" It means the package was created in a Fusion hub which you don't have access to, while we will make a copy of that package, you can go ahead to edit the package and save changes to update the reference to your new changes. By any chance you were using a public package in your managed library and the package was created in a Fusion hub but you don't have access to the team hub in this case it would remind your such permission message. To check if it's a public package, you can simply click the package and click "View on" link in the below selection window, it will redirect you to the site, in that page you can have a good overview who is the owner of this package. You can refer to the attached video when i met the same popup how to check if the package was a public asset.


  • For the second popup "The referenced package is not stored in Fusion Team. Do you wish to copy the package to Fusion Team and update the reference?", it means the package was created/modified in Eagle or site, if you open the package in Fusion and want to modify it with Package Generator, you can simply click the "3D Package Generator" icon in the "Package 3D" tab. You can take a look at the attached video for your reference: 




Sorry for causing your confusion! Please feel free to let me know if you still have any questions. Thank you!


Best Regards,

Alina Peng


Alina Peng
SQA Engineer
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I don't understand how Fusion could consider this a public package. I created the device footprint from scratch. I simply want to edit the footprint, not create a 3D package.

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Hi @infinite.machinery 

I just give you one possible case may hit the permission issue for your first post. If you think it's your own package, would you mind attach some screenshots and share with me what the packages (have permission issue)looks like in Fusion and

For the second issue, if you just want to edit footprint not creating 3d model, you can't do that in the 3d package document, you need to switch to library "Footprint"tabs, double click the footprint and edit it in the canvas on the right side.





Alina Peng
SQA Engineer
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Okay, I got by the issue of the footprint designer not displaying. I was not double-click in the footprint entry itself. My mistake was I was double-clicking the package under the footprint.


When I double click on the package, what is the expected behavior? I'm still getting the message that the package is not stored in Fusion Team. Below is a screenshot with the package information.



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Hi  @infinite.machinery 

If the package was modified or created in Eagle or site, the package stored on When you try to edit the package in Fusion the expected behavior is it would remind you that "The referenced package is not stored in Fusion Team. Do you wish to copy the package to Fusion Team and update the reference?"

From the screenshot you attached, the package only has urn and there is an icon appear next to the package which shows the package was from So it's correct to show you that the referenced package is not stored in Fusion Team but you can edit the package in Fusion then it would be saved in Fusion Team, the library will the new package as reference.






Alina Peng
SQA Engineer
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So is the goal to move libraries over to Fusion Team? 

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Hi @infinite.machinery 

The popup remind user the package you are editing from rather than Fusion team. Once you edit the package in Fusion, the package would be saved in Fusion team. Then if you edit it in Eagle or, the package would be stored in In this way we allow user have the flexibility to create/edit package in Fusion or 




Alina Peng
SQA Engineer

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