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PCB Through Hole pick and place csv or text not functional

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PCB Through Hole pick and place csv or text not functional

There is no intuitive sensical way, even with following the guides I find online, to getting my throughhole components exported. I have tried through CAM Processor, ULP, etc. I need csv. I need a basic list of their center positions and orientations. The basics to getting a pcb manufactured. I will have to learn this software, I wont do a list by hand everytime. Please can someone explain how this could be happening?


Also, I am so disappointed in this software. A change I had to make to the footprint( from phoenix contact) to center the part did not cascade down to update my pcb. I had to delete the board and start over. Im sure theres an "Easier way", but Fusion is missing the basics to fast work flows.


Regardless, can someone please help me find a way to get a pnp list from this software?

Obvious components on boardObvious components on boardNo componentsNo components



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Hi @wes55ETD,


I hope this message finds you well. Always feel free to write to the forums we have an active community that's always happy to help. You didn't have to start over, after you make a change in the design go Library > Update all libraries and that will update your design to use the updated part.


For PnP files with through holes use the mount_smd_tht.ulp that comes with Fusion 360. You'll find it under Automate > Run ULP.


Let me know if you continue to run into problems.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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Yes thank you that is perfect!

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