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PCB manual route

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PCB manual route

Dear members

I'm new on Fusion  (first time). I'm trying to finish a PCB drawing started on Eagle 8.6.  and  imported to Fusion. But when I try to draw a track that need to joint no another the track stops before joint and then on Eagle I used Move and solve this but on Fusion it did not work.

On same manner I try to put a socket from library but I cant put it right over  the end of a track and  it stays out (near).  

I'm shure that's my problem, not Fusion issue but I realy need your help here.

Thank you.

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in reply to: jlnsantos72

Well I solve my issue by myself.

I found on bottom screen a small box with some options, the last one sign call my attention and I click there, so the first option was my solution: no restrictions to draw, position objects, etc. so I found now that I'm a abuser!

My only point is why an important feature is not more visible?

I understand that today no one (except some old guys, like me) wast this time and brain to draw a PCB, this and older versions do that, but I start draw PCB since 1974 with a edding 3000 marker pen, then glued strips on a transparent sheet to shoot a negative, etc.

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