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PCB Drill hole or Cut out.

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PCB Drill hole or Cut out.

I designed a small PCB with a 100mil screw hole in the center. The hole was inserted with the Place/Hole menu item, drill size: 100mil. While generating the code for DIY PCBs, The center hole was in both the Gerber_Profile and the Excellon_drill_1_16 files. Should the 100mil hole be in both files - to be drilled and to be cutout with the profile.

Top image is of the drill and the profile, the bottom image is of the profile only - both drill and profile have the same hole. Should this drill hole also be in the Gerber_Profile?


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Hi @steelgoosemetalart ,


I hope you are doing well and thank you for your post.
Holes go into the EXCELLON drill file. There is stored the information for position and diameter for a drilling machine.

In "profile" you usually see the contour of the hole because it is also drawn in layer 20, Dimension. But this information is not critical. The drill file is the important part here. 



Richard Hammerl


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