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PCB Board with panel on 3D

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PCB Board with panel on 3D



I build a PCB and after this I need make a rectangular panel to manufacture.
But I need use my board  without panel on my metal assemble product.

I tried CUT the panel with extrude function but didn't work.

How I can make it?


Thank you so much




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in reply to: Kristey

If I understand the question, you need a version that you can use in another fusion model that doesn't have the panel frame?

The 3dPCB file doesn't let you edit the board. There's some work around ways that will let you do it, but they break the link to the PCB design so you loose the ability to easily update. The best path may be to design your board without the frame first. That way you can use the 3d model in other designs as required. Then, when you're ready to order the board copy the schematic and layout files and link them into a new electronics design. Add the panel to the layout in that copied design and order the board from that file. Not a perfect solution, but probably the cleanest way to do it. 

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