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Part not found in board error in ERC

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Part not found in board error in ERC

Hello Autodesk Team,

In my schematic I added new circuit in existing schematic in fusion360, but in PCB new components are not showing.
I applied ERC in that "Part # not found in board" message showing I removed new components and saved & syn after that also same error(schematic/PCB sync deactivated).
Please suggest how to solve this issue ?

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in reply to: ASPL005

Hi @ASPL005 

I hope you are doing well!

Would you mind checking if you delete the parts which are not shown in 2d PCB?

If you do and still can see the error, then it may have some problems here.

If you don't mind, please invite me into your project to have a look. I will send my email address to you as a private message.



Panpan Fan

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Hi Team,
Thanks for your support.
Issue solved.

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I do have the same issue, but can't figure out what the solution is since the previous discussion was answered "off line".

This happened after I made changes in my design (components were removed, some were added). 

Can't find my way to properly understand the "synchronizer".


Please help...





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in reply to: ASPL005

Same thing here, I'm having the same issue. When I add new parts to the schematics and switch to 2DPCB, the same error occurs.

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in reply to: panpan_fan

Is there some way for the rest of us to learn how to fix this issue?


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in reply to: ascriven


It had been tricky to solve at that time.

- remove the involved components from the 2D (start with only the first on the list, then repeat the below operations for the others if the error still pops up)

- back to the schematics, synchronize with the 2D board while checking the "=" box on the left column

- update the schematics with the whole library (most right icon)

- an error message may pop up ("Fusion 360 has detected an unexpected condition. ... Line..."

- click OK and wait a short while (the message does not disappear immediately)

- once the error message has gone, you should no longer have the ERC errors


This worked several times for me.


Good luck,







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