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Panelizing PCBs

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Panelizing PCBs

I've been trying to panelize a PCB design I'm currently working on. One problem where the solution differs from Eagle is that just moving the reference designator to another layer does not stop them from increasing when I copy and paste multiple PCBs. Does anyone here have a working solution for this? And if anyone has an easy-to-follow guide for PCB panelizing, I would really appreciate your help.

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Hi, @mikolaj.jaworskiLF5YR 


What about having a try with 3D PCB and nesting tools? 

You just simply switch to manufacture workplace and then create a nest study. Tutorial of nesting could be found here: Fusion 360 Help | Create a nest study | Autodesk

If you have not purchased this extension, register a 7 days' trial is free.



Hope that helps~


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