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Panelising a design in Fusion360

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Panelising a design in Fusion360

A quick one (I hope):


Back in my Eagle 6.6.0, to create a panelised version of a design, I would:

1.  Open up a new PCB file

2. Copy the PCB design into this (with the schematic closed so it didn't get itself confused with links, etc)

3. Copy as many versions of the PCB design in the new file as I needed

4. Add fiducials, etc to the panel


Not sure how this process is supposed to work in Fusion360.


Do I need to start an entirely new Electronics Design, with just a PCB file in it, and then copy and paste my design that I wish to panelise into this file?


I've read a few comments on here about people complaining about the lack of any automated panelisation feature, so not holding my hopes out that there is something like that available




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Hi @maustinQZ9FZ 


thank you for participation in the Fusion Electronics forum. I hope it is not too late for a reply. 🙂


Basically you would do it the same way as you used to do in EAGLE. I recommend to create new Electronics design and create a new 2D PCB. Now COPY/PASTE the board several times into the new PCB. 

- Keep an eye on the Design Rules. Are they the same as in the original board file?

- If you would like to see identical designators for the components on all boards in the panel, you might consider to use the panelize.ulp before. 


I hope this helps.


Richard Hammerl


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