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Overlap Error 'Rectangle-Pad Top' when Adding Via on Component's SMD Thermal Pad

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Overlap Error 'Rectangle-Pad Top' when Adding Via on Component's SMD Thermal Pad

I am unable to reproduce the results of the guide "How to add via on an SMD thermal pad in Fusion 360".

Following these instructions leads to an 'Overlap error: Rectangle-Pad Top'. My current workaround is to manually add vias each time, which is frustrating and time-consuming.




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Hi @cory_ ,


The main problem here is that you used a rectangle instead of a polygon. Within electronics there is a distinction between them that's why the instructions specify polygon. I know that in mathematical terms a rectangle is a type of polygon so I get why the confusion.

Within the library editor the polygon command can be used to create the "arbitrary pad shape" and it won't generate the DRC errors. This article is a little more step by step on how to do this.


It's for EAGLE but still applicable today.


Let me know if you continue to run into problems. In short draw the rectangle shape using the Polygon command and it will all work like it should.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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