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Over-optimistic progress bars when pushing to 3D PCB.

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Over-optimistic progress bars when pushing to 3D PCB.

In another, and a lot more more miserable life, I used Windows.
I remember the progress bars from then, which would zoom to 99%  as if Windows were super fast. 
Problem was that the last 1% would take 10 times as long as the time from 0-99.

It seems Autodesk is using the same brand of optimistic progress bars. 

When pushing a 2D PCB to 3D, I often get this:

Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 12.43.57.png

And, several minutes later, the 3D PCB will actually be rendered.
I think some code changes would be good here.

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in reply to: jesper8W75R

Hi, @jesper8W75R 


In computer technology, The progress bar can only illustrate the progress of a process. The remaining time is always estimated, like download progress. 

In 3D PCB computing, there're two stages. Stage1: Geometry computing, the progress bar in your screen capture illustrates the progress of it. Stage2: Graphics computing, Fusion is generating visible and operable model. So the remaining 1% you mentioned might be this stage.

I will bring this suggestion to development team to see if there's possibility to change the string used here.




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