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Now what am I doing wrong; Polygon pour is not filling the polygons

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Now what am I doing wrong; Polygon pour is not filling the polygons



I am trying to do a few polygon pours for a small switching regulator per it's datasheet.  I have done this same operation in Eagle with no problems, but with Fusion it is not happy.  I am attaching a screen grab so people can see what is happening I have one pour that worked, and that is by L1. The only issue here is that the pour has a radius and I really don't want that.  Now id did the same thing with C3 and C4, but as you can see it did not fill. I did try it with and without orphans enabled with no luck.

Screen Shot 2020-10-10 at 5.45.29 PM [Oct 10, 2020].JPG

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I have this resolved. I had to turn off thermals and reduce the width to fill and to square up the corners.  Calling "width" makes no sense, I would think "corner radius" would be more explanatory. 

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