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No stop mask in 3D

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No stop mask in 3D


there's no stop mask in most detailed 3D PCB.

On CAM preview I see tekst in stop mask, but not in 3D.




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Hi @silvio3105 ,


I hope you're doing well. Do you have the stopmask geometry check box set?


If it's checked, then I may need to get the files to check out what's going on.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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Yes, I did

Here are properties of text.




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Thanks Silvio, I can confirm this is an oversight on our part and nothing you are doing wrong.  The Gerber files would very likely be correct because the Gerber files are WYSIWYG, however the 3D PCB has some sophistication there which makes it behave differently.  When we do Copper Text (one of the options in the 2D->3D workflow) we are outlining the text and doing a layer-wise extrude from a sketch of the copper on the layer.  It is hidden a bit behind the PCB icon in the mechanical timeline but rest assured, like everything in mechanical, this is Sketch and Extrude.  Making the extruded solid geometry something that is fast is the hard part and text is one of the more complicated things to get right.  Still, we should be able to address this.


What is happening in your case is the solder mask sketch / extrude we do isn't observing the text on that layer and thus, it is not working.  I tried a few ways to do this and there's really no good way to do this in the area of a polygon.  Unfortunately, I don't have a quick workaround except to suggest putting this in an area outside of the polygon if you want this to show up in 3D.  😞   On the plus side, the improvement for us is pretty straight forward.  We already have that code (we use it when we do text on a copper layer, just not embedded in a polygon) and yet, what you want is the same on the solder resist.  We'll make this change and make sure it's working as soon as we can get to it.  May take us a little bit but we should be able to handle this pretty easily.  Below (and attached) are some things to explain this a bit better.


Matt - Autodesk






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I'm not sure did I understand it correctly - I made "text" via stop mask. So text should be only exposed copper below.
I did not created specially text from copper and removed stop mask.
So basically opening in stop mask.
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Hi, @silvio3105 


We have improved this area and it will be available soon later. I will let you know once the new version of the feature that contains this improvement is deployed.




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