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No signs of "Quality of Life" in this version either.

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No signs of "Quality of Life" in this version either.

I got this error TWICE today already.

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 12.24.06.png


On two completely different operations.
Once when replacing a component, second when trying to get properties from another.

Then Fusion crashed, and when I tried to restart it and recover my files, it crashed AGAIN!

Not only that, but it "double-crashed" as it came up with the error report dialog, which I filled in.
But it could not be sent! Nothing happened when I clicked Submit, because Fusion was locking it up.

Finally, after a third attempt to restart, I got it up and running and could spend 15 minutes to get things back to where they were.


Is this what you call "Quality of Life"??? @edwin.robledo @matt.berggren 
I thought you had fixed all bugs in the July version?
At least, that's what you claim, isn't it?

The truth is, that we, PAYING customers are STILL just bloody beta testers on your junk software.
It crashes and bugs out all the time.
Will you EVER get this to work properly?

I seriously doubt it.


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in reply to: jesper8W75R

Hi @jesper8W75R,


I hope you're doing well. As you know we are working hard to get all of these things resolved, I think you can agree that even though there are still things to be addressed the July release did have some notable fixes and things have improved(we can always be better). We want to keep that momentum moving forward.


In regards to this, I'm sure someone has spoken to you about this but do you have other Autodesk software on the machine. ADSSO issue spreads across several programs and how they interact. If you have other Autodesk software on the machine that might be playing a role. The crashes you are seeing are with simple operations that normally shouldn't crash.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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in reply to: jorge_garcia2

Hello @jorge_garcia2 

I agree that quite a few bugs were fixed in the July release.
But, some of the "fixed" bugs still have issues.
And, worse, a lot of new bugs, some pretty serious, were introduced too.
As I also mentioned in my reply to Ed, the middle of the Insider releases were actually better and crashed less than the one that came out in public. Go figure....

I have NO other Autodesk software on my machine, and I definitely never will have.

(Unless you consider Screencast an Autodesk product. Starting screencast will take Fusion from being slow, to being totally unusable. It will take 5-10 minutes to open or close a file. Which I have already documented).
But no. Struggling with Fusion Electronics is more than enough for one person.

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