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No 3D models for all the components and how to change them ?

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No 3D models for all the components and how to change them ?

Hi everyone, 

I'm new to Eagle > Fusion 360 integration. 

I use Fusion 360 version 2.0.7830.

I made my board on eagle, export it to fusion 360 then I get my board in Fusion. 


First problem : no 3D model of any component has been kept in the process. 


2d problem : I want to change the package with some I have in stp files but all the tutorial and knowledge base ressources I found show me a very different context menu where I can't modify anything. 

In tutorial, there is a "Replace component body" and this I don't have in the context menu. Is there anything I have to activate or so ? 


Many thanks for any hint you could give me !





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in reply to: matthieu.plantey

Hello @matthieu.plantey 


The tutorial you have read was for the old workflow of EAGLE<>Fusion integration and the workflow and UI was changed since we have integrated electronics design inside Fusion. Of course, you can still use EAGLE with the FusionSync command to create 3D boards.


Please refer to Edwin’s post to learn how to add your 3D models into a managed library. Once you have added 3D models to the packages, you can push your PCB to Fusion to create a 3D board, or you can create an electronics design in Fusion Electronics environment, go to PCB workspace and then run the ‘View 3D PCB’ command to create a 3D PCB.



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