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Newer Version of Schematic on Start-Up Offered

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Newer Version of Schematic on Start-Up Offered



After an update to a newer version, I restarted and upon start-up it asked me if I wanted to load the newer version of the schematic.


I clicked no because of a previous issue I had.


When it opened it did not load the latest schematic. This is what I expected but then it said the below.


Warning: Board and schematic are not consistent!

No forward-/backannotation will be performed!

Use the ERC command to get a detailed error report.


So, I closed the program and reopened. It asked the same question.


I clicked on yes but it still loaded the old schematic and keeps giving me the above statement.


When I viewed the different versions under my group, I can't open any of the older versions. It only let's me set a milestone.


I used to be able to click on the older version(s) and open them and add it to the current project.


I made the changes on a work computer and it did not save the updates even though it said it did before I left work.


I have made the same updates on my home computer. Now when I try to save it it won't let and keeps telling me the same annotation error.


How do I help fix this?


Frustrated once again.


Now it's at home too.


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Hello @RCBakerBorn,


I hope you're doing well. Look at the ERC report, what are the inconsistencies that are reported? When you leave work and head home do you close Fusion?


Both places should have access to the same set of files.


Let me know exactly what your workflow has been like.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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