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newbie - struggling to create custom symbol

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newbie - struggling to create custom symbol

I am trying to find some documentation on how to get a custom symbol usable. The online docs (Autodesk Doc link ) help with the actual creation of the symbol - such as adding the pins and swaplevels, etc. and that is reasonably straightforward but I cannot find anything on what is next.


I created a symbol, but I can't use it in a schematic as it doesn't have a footprint.

so I created a footprint but I don't know to link them and make it usable.


The online docs I can find seem to only give me part of the process, is there anything that gives a better overview of the whole thing?

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Hello @Mark532011 ,

you can find a realy good documentation when you download the Eagle-Installation-File and take a look in the Installation-Subfolder "doc":


In chapter 8, page 261, in "manual_en.pdf" you can find a lot of hints how to make your own devices.


You can define symbols without footprint.

In schematic you add a "device", that minimum contains a symbol.

Have you only created a symbol?


Eagle 9.6.2 / Fusion 360
Working with Eagle since Version 3.x
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Hi @Mark532011,


 I hope you're doing well. What you are missing is to create a Component (formerly called Device) that links the schematic and footprint together.


I made a video series that goes through the whole process of making library parts.


(416) Create your own electronics parts in Fusion 360: Video 1 Electronics Libraries Overview - YouT...


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

Kudos are much appreciated if the information I have shared is helpful to you and/or others.

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Thanks for the help guys:
jorge.garcia- yours was the first set of videos I found while researching. While they cover the libraries and creation of symbols quite well, there needs to be a part 3 that explains footprints, components and packages and how to put the pieces together to make a usable symbol or component, i.e. something that can be dragged onto a schematic. What the difference between a component and a package is, how the connections between them work (I still don't know why G$1,P$1 needs to be connected as well as G$1.P$2)


m.neujahr_at_moe - thanks for the info. It helped a little but the different terminology and UI of the EAGLE thing made it pretty tough to puzzle out what to do.

I am happy to report that after several hours of work, I have successfully got a custom symbol to appear on a schematic. In typically Fusion360 fashion it is about as byzantine of a process as can be imagined using multiple different techniques to link the various pieces together...sigh, but at least it works.

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my mistake. I see there is a part 3,4,5 in the series. For some reason it doesn't show up in the list of videos on the side. I will view them - thanks for doing it.

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