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Newbie help! Struggling to SYNC Schematic (w/ Module) <==> 2D PCB

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Newbie help! Struggling to SYNC Schematic (w/ Module) <==> 2D PCB

First, I'm totally brand new to electronics and Fusion Electronics, so I'm sure this is something I'm missing.


I designed a schematic with an ATMega controlling 4 stepper motor drivers.  Discovered "Modules", so I moved the stepper driver schematic into a Module, and then in the main Schematic I have 4 instances of the "Stepper Driver Module" in it.


In the beginning, it created the 2D PCB perfectly.


Since then, I have made some changes, discovered Net Classes, and started to play with them.


It now complains stuff is out of sync, so I try to sync the Schematic & 2D PCB, and it seems like strange behavior to me.  Sync wants to delete all the Module Instance Components from the PCB, and then it seems like it only wants to add one instance of the "module" components, and further, it seems to me that it is totally ignoring the prefix of the Module?


I've attached a screencast to hopefully make it clearer.


Here is a link to the design file (Hopefully did this correct):







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Sorry, I had to edit the post. I noticed I didn't actually attach the screen cast. Then when I tried to edit and add the screencast, it fought me complaining about invalid HTML etc. I managed to force the link in.

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I've attached a screenshot.  This doesn't seem right to me?  The Design Manager on the left shows 5 nets in the Thick Power Class (From Sheet 2), but when I click the classes button under the validate menu, the Thick Power Class only has one net (+12) showing, and nothing from the selected sheet (#2).


Am I barking up the wrong tree?





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Hi @frankabjr ,


I hope you're doing well. First off, Synchronizer will not handle modules properly so don't use it if you are using modules(which you are in this case). I commend you for not just clicking OK and noticing that the synchronizer was not going to do what you wanted in this case.


In this case, you have to correct the consistency errors manually. When you run the ERC it tells you what the inconsistencies are. In this case, you just have a couple of netclass inconsistencies which should be pretty easy to fix. The key here is to do whatever it takes to make the schematic and the board the same, so what I would do is change the schematic netclass of the offending net to match whatever the board has. Do that and run ERC, once ERC tells you board and schematic are consistent then you can continue working from there.


The key to maintaining consistency is making sure that the electronics design file, the board and the schematic are always open together.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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