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New fusion user looking for help

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New fusion user looking for help

I have 2 problems I'm hoping someone could help me with.


Firstly my model wont all turn a solid colour only the side panel will? I have no clue how to get the rest to look like a solid piece.


secondly, I need to add a pcb board and battery to the inside of the device, any advice on how and where to do that would be great.

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Hi @20725361 ,


i don't know a solution to the mechnical design problem, but I can help in inserting a PCB into your design.

This is quite simple. Open your mechanical design and select the PCB or 3D model you would like to insert in Fusion's data panel with a right mouse click and chose "insert into current design". 




I hope this helps. Regards, 

Richard Hammerl

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I've looked at yur design andwould assume that you have forgone going through the educational mateirlas available here:


I would complete one of the introductory courses to get a better understanding of how Fusion works.

To create better and more functional designs it helps to understand the difference between bodies and components and then perhaps a look at Fusion Rule #0 followed by a look at Fusion R.U.L.E #1 & 2 would provide some guidance.

Peter Doering

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