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need help with PCB Design

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need help with PCB Design

Hi everyone,


I am trying to design a harness adapter that will take the factory connector for my car and change it to a more standard connector. The PCB is very simple and only needs pads and traces to be connected to one another. the issue is I have never used the electronics design side of fusion 360 so I have no idea what I am doing. any help on this would be appreciated. here is a fusion model I whipped up showing what I am looking for but in a gerber file as well as a real one that exists but is different from the one I designed.



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here is an additional file, in this one I drew lines representing how I think the traces should go. not all of the pins on the yellow connector are used and this ends up leaving pins on both connectors un used but I THINK this routing is the optimal one with the pins I actually need.

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