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Need help selecting electrical components

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Need help selecting electrical components

I am a student in the Electrical Engineering program at SUNY Albany, and I am just starting with Fusion 360 Electronics. I see that the components are listed by codes, but I have no idea what the codes mean and, therefore, have no idea which one to choose. I'm starting with just a simple circuit. I want to add a red LED and a resistor for it. I don't see any place to add an LED or a Resistor; so I'm assuming I'm supposed to know a code, which I don't. Is there way to add components without knowing the codes, or is there some chart/table somewhere that describes what each component code refers to? Actually, I'll need a chart/table like that for future projects so I don't have to ask for help every time... unless there's a way to add components without knowing the codes...


Thank you for your assistance.


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