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Need help exporting pcb design with color.

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Need help exporting pcb design with color.

Hello, I created a PCB design with 3d bodies and now I need to export it so that I can share it with my friends. My friends use SolidWorks so I can't just export the file as f3d. 

Here's the picture of my final design in f3d form:


And this is what happens when I export it as STEP:


As you can see the routes, pads and vias and especially the logos are gone. 

How can I share my design so that it keeps the colour and the other stuff I mentioned above.

I especially need to share this design compatible with SolidWorks.  

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi @Anonymous ,


I hope you're doing well. Unfortunately, the STEP model will not carry all of the graphics and traces that are in the Fusion 3D model. If you're friends are using Solidworks to make sure the PCB will fit then the step model will suffice.


If I may ask, what are they doing that the graphics on the board need to be preserved?


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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in reply to: jorge_garcia

Thank you for your reply. I fixed the no colour problem, though the logos etc still don't appear on the step model.

To be fair my friends don't much care about how the PCB looked in the end. It was I who cared so much about it. I'm an electronics engineering student and I wanted all the features of my design to be visible. 


We are building a rocket for a competition and this is the main avionics computer of it. I just wanted the PCB to look good in the renders when it was placed in the avionics bay.


The fix to the colour problem:

Open the .brd in Fusion 360

Go to 3d view.

Export as STEP. (Routes will also be exported and it will result in file size increase)

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in reply to: jorge_garcia

We need graphics on the PCB to serve as guides for other mechanical component placement.

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