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Native PCB PANELLISATION feature - Please hurry up??

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Native PCB PANELLISATION feature - Please hurry up??



Can we please make a PRIORITY on a PANELLISATION Feature in Electronics design, I am happy for this to be solely in F360 app and not in eagle cad stand alone if that easier for you.


So we should be able to, from a 3D PCB Design, create a separate document / file for panelization .

This feature tool should be "3D" based. (NOT JUST 2 D)

This should be as simple as editing a few properties on a popup


No of PCB's  X & Y direction

Travel direction

gap between pcbs

edge widths



tooling holes 

markings ( extra silk screen info on panel area) 

v-grooves etc

placement should be automated where possible. 

pick and place files are automatically done

export of Gerbers

2D drawing automatic generated from the panel.


This is way overdue.

I would love to see a road map for PCB Design


Dave M

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Hi @ImDaveM 


just wanted to reply thank you for your suggestion and detailed description how you would expect a panelisation tool working in Fusion Electronics. This helps us to decide on future features. Members of the development team are constantly monitoring this Forum and are aware of what's going on here.  


Thanks and regards,

Richard Hammerl

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Hi Richard.


Thanks for noticing,


Bit Disappointed as I believe we were told that PANELISING was coming to Eagle some time ago, but it now appears you have not started or done much yet?


Can you please release a roadmap for eagle ? whats all the secrecy?


Also, Please look at ALTIUM DESIGNER, that has built in Panalising. to get some ideas.


Just a tip, TRY to implement this in a 3D work environment. I.e I really don't want to have to draw all the Panalisation elements, I would like FUSION to create the panalisation features form some type of user input fields and tools. 



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in reply to: ImDaveM

@ImDaveM wrote:


(...) I really don't want to have to draw all the Panalisation elements, I would like FUSION to create the panalisation features form some type of user input fields and tools. 



I made a post about it, even SNAP tools in the dimention layer already helped.

But the best would be select how many PCBs we want in X and Y and the Fusion will take care of everything.

Right now it's a HUGE problem, we have addition to the extra work to make a panel and when we have to fix something on the original PCB, we have to do it all over again.

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in reply to: Kristey

Thanks Kristey


So as you said..


Select board ( Import as a LINKED PCB to the PANEL Document)

Select X & Y Array
Set GAP Between. boards ( X & Y)

Set Edge width ( Left & Right, Top & Bottom)

Set routing width

Position Mouse bites

Position V groves

Set up Tooling Marks and Holes

All this need to be done in the 3D Workspace.

Panel takes on the Board properties of the LINKED PCB 

Need to create a PANEL FIle Document and them IMPORT A PCB into it as a LINKED PCB

Need to be able to create separate SILK SCREEN Markings for the PANEL.  

When Updating the PCB Design, The PANEL is updated automatically.

Need to be able to EXPORT GERBERS from the PANEL (Including Pick and place, and other data)
Need to be able to create DRAWINGS for the PANEL.


It could get complicated if we need to create extra circuitry for fancy test rigs, but that would be cool!


We need to road map this so we can get the WORKFLOW and BASIC FUNCTIONS done, then add the fancy stuff later.

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