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My Library i created on a different computer has a yellow warning on another computer

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My Library i created on a different computer has a yellow warning on another computer

I made a library part at home and editing my schematic at work I noticed on the 3d package needs to be rotated 90 degrees. Not sure if i can edit that part at my work or do i have to edit it on my other computer, what is the warning sign on the library? 



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Hi @markY6RWE 


Sorry to know that you're facing this issue and thanks for reporting this to us.


The yellow icon in the Library Manager means the library is unavailable in the current path. While I think it won't impact on edit it if you open the library form Data panel in the left side. It's an known issue when user work on another computer but unfortunately we haven't get.chance to fix it so far. I already escalate it to our developers. I will keep you be posted once we have a fix for that.


Besides, as a workaround, you can simply open the library used in this design from Data panel, or just reload it with "Add from Team" button in the Library Manager "In Use" tab, then the yellow icon will be gone. 


Please feel free to let me know if anything I can help.


Best Regards,

Alina Peng

Alina Peng
SQA Engineer

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