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Mutiple polygon copper pours on a layer with different electrical connections

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Mutiple polygon copper pours on a layer with different electrical connections

Hello Forum,

I'm designing a pcb with opto isolators and electrical isolation between the two grounds. Net names are GND and ISO-GND. I have spent the whole day trying to set up two polygon pours on the top layer. Left side pour connected to GND and right side connected to ISO_GND with a 4mm gap between them.

This must have been done before, but I can't find any help so far on the forums.




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Hi @DaveHolland-SET 

I hope you are doing well!

You can set different ranks for different polygons.


Rank defines how polygons are subtracted from each other. Polygons with a lower 'rank' appear "first" and thus get subtracted from polygons with a higher 'rank'.

Hope it can help!


Panpan Fan

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Hello PanPan,

Thanks for responding. It has helped me. I'm making progress now and have experimented some more.  I set up a second board out line for the isolated area ISO_GND on layer 20, converted it to a Polygon and assigned to ISO_GND and experimented with RANK, higher, lower and equal to the other Polygon assigned to GND. Also I added a Polygon cutout to push the edges of the two pours to where I want them on each side of the OptoIsolators.  Then tuned in the Width and Isolation settings.


The documentation available from Autodesk on how to setup multiple Polygon pours is in my opionin very poor - exceptionally dissapointing to be honest with you.  If there is documentation, it's not easy to find. Please flag this up the chain and get some helpful examples posted and videos recorded and made available. It's taken me over 10 hours to figure out what is an essential feature.


Otherwise I have to say F360 is very promising and support team response time is good.

Thank you,


This is a screen shot of the isolated areas.  A work in progress.....


PCB with two seperate GND Pours for OptoIsolators.JPG


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