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Mounting PCB upside down

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Mounting PCB upside down

I've been having issues mounting a PCB upside down in an enclosure. The PCB is created using the electronic workspace and then inserted into the enclosure design and modified in place.

The enclosure has holes that certain electronic components must be lined up with (jack sockets etc), and I'd like to use point to-point move on those.

My initial try was to insert the PCB, choosing the PCB profile to top of enclosure, rotating it and the moving the electronic components where they needed to be using in place editing. This, however, moved components in opposite directions, as if the board hadn't been rotated. 

My second try was setting the PCB profile to a sketch pointing downwards (same way as PCB is supposed to point). This seemed to work initially, but at seemingly random occasions, certain components jumped around to completely different locations than where I placed them, and they couldn't be rotated without creating additional movement issues.

Whenever I push designs to the 2d PCB and back (which I need when I change the schematic), placements of components I already moved (which had not been altered) changed positions again, even after save.

Is this impossible to achieve in Fusion or does there exist some clever way?

I'm a pit puzzled, as I'm sure there are many cases where circuit boards must be rotated in an enclosure.


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No one knows? Whenever I change a PCB profile that's not flat with Z axis up, problems occur.

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@pstormarkG9SGY, It will be helpful if you can share a video or some screenshots to explain the problem.

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1. Enter into edit in place.


2. Move random component with Update 2D component selected.


3. Press OK and watch as another component suddenly moves to completely different part of PCB. It usually moves back when I finish edit in place.



What causes this strange behaviour? I never saw this issue when I had the PCB mounted the other way around.

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in reply to: pstormarkG9SGY

Thanks for sharing the screenshots. This is a bug we didn't know before. We will verify and look into it.


Back to your original question, can you try if the following steps can help you continue your work?

1. Move the component in EIP but don't check "Update 2D PCB".

2. Save the enclosure design together with the 3D PCB;

3. Open the 3D PCB document in a separate tab, and push it to 2D PCB;

4. Fix the routing issues (because you move the component and push back to 3D PCB.

5. Update the enclosure document.

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I hope there's an easy fix.

Thank you for the workaround; it did the trick.

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