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More CAM processor woes....

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More CAM processor woes....

Note: Some of this stuff might be Mac specific. I don't know how this is stored on Windows.

When playing around with various options in the CAM processor, and trying to force it to show MY cam files instead of the build ins, I wondered what the option "Export to Project Directory" would do.
And, I was curious to find out where my Project Directory actually was located.
I selected Bill of Materials section, as i was trying something else there too and clicked "Export File".
BAM, Fusion crashed (error report 320984095). Not really surprised, this is conFusion.

I restarted and tried again. This time it went ok and I was shown a folder with a file-structure somewhat similar to what the CAM processor show. I chose a folder and clicked Open. It processed the section and I was presented with the option "Open Folder", to see the result of the operation.
Well, are you sitting down?
THIS is the path:

~/Documents/eagle/cam:/Users/jesper/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/webdeploy/production/839958144b9c67439e3dc55a81b881211ccf96e4/Autodesk Fusion PCB/CAMOutputs/Assembly/MagicMicros/EAGLE PCB/CAMOutputs/Assembly

WHOA!! Impressive, isn't it? Imagine typing that in. Or just try to find it in finder!
Now, there is a few peculiarities with this path.
Note that there kinda is TWO parts, ~/Documents/eagle/cam:

and then the rest (which also suffers some stupid repeats, but that's another story).
This path is what I have written in  "Directory for CAM Jobs" under "Directory" in "Preferences".
Why is THAT now suddenly considered my "Project Directory"?

The funky thing is, that the above is actually a VALID OSX path, even with the ':'.
But, in Fusion, in the CAM Processor file selection dialog, it is parsed as TWO locations, one before the ':' and one after.

The last directory in each part, is what will show up in "Local CAM Jobs", when opening a CAM file. And the files within each directory will be available to choose from.

In good old EAGLE, you used the ';' to separate locations for ULP's, CAM files, e.t.c.
In Fusion, it's (obviously) a different character, in this case ':'
It works fine in for the CAM processor, it shows both MY cam jobs in ~/Documents/eagle/cam as well as the Fusion specific CAM files in the other ridiculous path.


Why Fusion insist on saving files deep, deep down at obscure paths is a mystery.

THAT was just a preview of a number of CAM bugs I've found.
Problems like not saving the last CAM file, not even for the board, is one of them.
CAM dialog fields that doesn't update with prefix changes although others do, is another one.
The warning that comes if ODB++ is removed, yet another.
All reported to Autodesk, so they'll probably be fixed any year now.

Oh, and now we are in the CAM dialog... What is THIS supposed to do? Does nothing on my machine.
Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 17.43.18.png

Would love some comments, @jorge_garcia2 

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Hi @jesper8W75R,


In regards to that last picture, I think that gear icon is superflous. If you right-click on the Drill section you'll get some options but I don't think that gear is meant to do anything. I'll talk to the team to get confirmation. 


The other issues you mentioned, you've been kind enough to put into separate threads so those are all reported and will have tickets for them if they don't already.


In regards to the crazy path, I'm not to sure about them. In the context of Fusion 360 project directory doesn't really make sense since the data is stored on the cloud. Like the gear this seems like an oversight, project directory gets crazy because the local cache of the files is deep within the Fusion 360 install. I think for the purposes of Fusion 360 that checkbox should probably be removed.


I'll pass this along.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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