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Modify/access imported library?

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Modify/access imported library?



Just starting to use the ECAD side of Fusion 360, and coming from just ensuring space for wiring/PCBAs on the purely mechanical side (and only slightly messing around with EAGLE a year ago) I am still learning the ropes. As something to get my feet wet, I imported the .SCH and .BRD files for an Arduino Micro (files open source, received from the Arduino website).


No issues so far, was able to link both of those files together and create a 3D PCB with ease! Now, for where I am starting to struggle: when the 3D PCB was created, it seems that a decent amount of the devices used did not have 3D models added to the packages. When I went to look at the libraries used in the .SCH, over half had a yellow triangle with a question mark. These libraries are not accessible or editable, even though each individual component, trace, etc. is still showing up properly in the Fusion Electronics Design Schematic and Board Design workspaces.


Is there any way for me to be able to edit those libraries or pull them from the imported .SCH file?


(Link to the Arduino Micro listing, click on 'Documentation' to download the Eagle .SCH and .BRD files)


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