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Menu add-ins from SCR scripts and ULPs? ULP API no longer distributed

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Menu add-ins from SCR scripts and ULPs? ULP API no longer distributed

Has anyone who used Eagle been able to execute UI modifications such as menu additions through the SCR/ULP programming API? I have a plugin from a vendor that uses a ULP to connect into Eagle menus. If I put the startup code into eagle.scr and put that into the Fusion360/scripts/ directory, I see a quick notification/alert when opening an electronics design that "eagle.scr" has finished executing (and also messages that the chained ULPs run) but there must no longer be the same hook-point for UI elements to be connected the way they did under Eagle desktop.


The old Eagle API documentation that was included in the install also has gone away (at least there appears to be no way to find the "ulp_en.pdf" document that was the official API), so should we assume that writing your own ULPs and SCRs is no longer an intentionally supported feature?


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