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Mechanical holes in PCB not showing up in final exports

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Mechanical holes in PCB not showing up in final exports


I have designed a PCB with the following workflow:

-Sketch PCB

-Create 3d PCB

-Link to 2d PCB and schematic, place components, route traces.


All looks good - The PCB has 6 M2.5 clearance holes for attaching to a mechanical mount - these are sketched as 2.7mm circles and are clearly visible in the 3D PCB model and the 2D schematic - all looks good.

I then export the CAM files and upload them to a manufacturer (eurocircuits in this instance) and all looks good except the mechanical holes are not shown on the board - they are visible as holes through the copper layers but not through the substrate/mask. All other thru holes etc as as they should be. How do I tell Fusion 360 to add these as holes in the export files? I thought about using the circle tool in the milling layer to add them again but then centering them exactly where they should be is difficult and it would be far easier to use the existing holes in the model - they are where they should be as they were designed that way.



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Sorted it out. It was an issue with the Eurocircuits S/W, not Fusion. Just had to assign the layer as it wasn't done automatically.

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