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MAJOR BUG: "PACKAGES/3DMODELS" not beings saved when saving a Library to FUSION TEAM!

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MAJOR BUG: "PACKAGES/3DMODELS" not beings saved when saving a Library to FUSION TEAM!

This is really annoying and confusion!


I have a library which i have spent DAYS fixing up because of all the confusion with libraries!

If I use these devices in my designs all seems to be working ok ( for now)


When I view the "devices" in "content manager" and double click on them to show on the right hand side panel, everything looks good. ( although i should only have to click once!)




when i change the view for the  "content manager" to  show "PACKAGES" and double click on the package item to view it on the side panel, I get the following dialog error message!


"The referenced package is not stored in Fusion Team. Do you wish to copy the package to Fusion Team and update the reference?"


This is unacceptable!

WARING!!! Do NOT CLICK "YES" when you see this Warning Message!

I just did this for one component and it remapped the 3d model in the wrong position! 




Because I have to save my library which is ALREADY on the FUSION TEAM for every single change i make, which is very slow and takes forever to keep the library up to date, but I was under the impression that ALL Devices, Symbols, Footprints AND Packages were all being saved at once!


I have discovered that the PACKAGES ( 3D Models) are NOT BEING SAVED to where this library is supposed to be sitting, i.e the FUSION TEAM?


This makes not bloody sense, bits of libraries are all over the place!


Can AUTODESK Make a priority on LIBRARY MANAGEMENT and forget all other new features until it much more user friendly! 


The UPDATE changes to the cloud HAS TO STOP, 



All i want is..

if I make any changes to the library, then i just do a simple save, I don't need versions, so fusion 360 should just make versions in the background. 


When the local changes have been saved, (which should only takes seconds!) then it ready for use in any design i want.


FUSION 360 should then save quietly in the background the changed library to the cloud, as I have said before THE CLOUD IS TO SLOW, I and  have a fast and reliable internet connection!


I have not yet found out, that if i have NO INTERNET , can I save library changes and use them in my design whilst OFFLINE??


Also (1) , if any changes have been made a library, then if you switch to the SCH, BRD or 3DMODEL, then a waring should appear (just like with normal modelling) that there are changes to items used in this design  do you want to update? This makes it consistent with the rest of the app.


Also (2) Nobody told me that in order to use fusion electronics that you MUST have a FUSION TEAM Library set up?





Dave M



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Hi @ImDaveM ,


Sorry to hear that you're having trouble.


May I know how do you add the package into your library?

Did you happen to import the device which has the 3D package from where we save the managed libraries? Or did you happen to import the footprint from web which has the 3D package from too?




Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics
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Which Package?


I have multiple packages with various errors!


I am getting this particular error on several devices,


I most of my packages were already in place when i changed over to Fusion Electronics! 


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in reply to: ImDaveM

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Carlos Acosta
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