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Loading CAM file crashes Fusion 360

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Loading CAM file crashes Fusion 360

Each time I open the CAM processor in an electronics design and the load a .CAM file Fusion 360 entirely crashes.


This is quite a problem as now I cannot order my design! I've included some details from the crash below.




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Hi.  Did you happen to send the CER report (button on bottom right)?  There is usually data in those reports that can help to determine what is going on.

Chris Benner
Industry Community Manager – Design & Manufacturing

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in reply to: CGBenner

Yes. I sent in a few error reports. Someone has contacted me regarding a temporary workaround - essentially just use the default CAM settings for now...

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Hi @crefvem ,


So sorry for any inconvenience.

We have identified the issue and will keep you be posted once the fix is ready to you ASAP.

As for the workaround, please check out this post for more details, thank you.




Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics
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Hi @crefvem ,


Great news I'd like to share with you that today Fusion 360 has a new update version 2.0.10356 which has the fix about the CAM crash issue.

Could you please update Fusion 360 to latest version and try again? Hope it helps.


So sorry for any inconvenience and please feel free to let us know if you need our further assistant.

Hope you have a great day!




Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics

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