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Library Not Updating PCB Design

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Library Not Updating PCB Design

I noticed on my PCB the icon I used in my library footprint to designate the + side of an electrolytic capacitor landed directly under the pad. I did not place it that close to my pad in the footprint.

I went back to my footprint and moved it further away from the pad.

It did not change.

When I try to run an update on my library, it says there's no updates to be made.

Why is my icon stuck under my pad and not moving as I move it in my library  or my library not updating?

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in reply to: RCBakerBorn

Hi @RCBakerBorn,


I hope you're doing well. I believe the library should update. Could you confirm that you saved the library?


If you have any images of the board that could help me figure out what's going on.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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in reply to: jorge_garcia2

Hey Jorge, 

Yes. I do save changes to everything. I learned a long time ago, save early, save often. Especially when it comes to trusting electronic documents.

Below is a snippet of my PCB with the issue at hand.

I recall in previous versions of Fusion 360, when I made a change in the library, in order to get the schematic (and in turn the PCB) to update with the changes in my library, I would try to add the part to the schematic. When I did that, it would recognize I had the part already in the schematic and ask me if I would like to update the current part on the schematic; and in turn, it would update the PCB.


What happened to that feature?


Now when I make an update to the library, I need to close it out. After I close it, I run an update on the library through the schematic. When I run the "update library" function, the dialog box in the lower right corner of the schematic says finished - nothing to do; and no updates are seen on the PCB.





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