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Library Manager: Library In Use without devices

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Library Manager: Library In Use without devices


background: As my first F360 project I lifted an old eagle-project to Fusion360 electronics project by replacing all components one by one to 3D modells. On one (not reproducable) point the redering of the 3D board runs into a infinity time. It can run over an hour and more without any result. It mus manually stopped. I didn't catch the point which device was the last before this behaviour occured. Checking the used libraries and I found 3 of them with a warning sign. I checked all devices on the board but no device was now part of one of these 3 libraries.

Is there an idea to solve that? Maybe this helps to rendering the 3D board from the 2D version.


best regards


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Hi @sven.glitschTWJH6 ,


I hope you're doing well. You'll have to use the design manager filter to look for components from these libraries with the yellow triangles. It will be especially tricky when you search for rcl because you have some components referring to the managed library (in the inspector you'll see the Version and a version number) but there is at least one component that is referring to the original local rcl library. You'll need to replace any local references to use the managed library.


With that said I don't think this is what's causing the slow down. It likely one of the component models you assigned has some sort of problem and that causes the rendering to get super long. The only idea I can come up with to help diagnose this is to start removing 3D models from components until you find that one that causes the delay.


I'll talk to our devs to see if they have any ideas.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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Hello Jorge,

Thanks a lot for your quick answer. I checked all devices in the way you
described. But there are no devices listed in the libs "linear", "eigene BE"
and "rcl" (without a version). But it is much more strange. I have only one
device from the lib "linear". That makes it easy. The listed "linear" lib in
the "In Use" list was different to the lib of the single device in the
schematic. As I removed and renewed this device the yellow triangle
disappeared. Okay this solved one small problem. But the number of rcl
devices is huge to remove and add them. Will see how many time I can spend
to use this workaround. It seems that one (or more) devices refers hidden to
a lib (remarked with the triangle) but it cannot identified because in the
design manager and in the inspector is shown a cloud lib.

Best regards


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