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library importer endlessly loading

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library importer endlessly loading

whenever I add new components to my .lbr file and import the new version of the library the importer loads endlessly and the library becomes inaccessible. Previously, when I faced this I would close F360 and reopen it and it is solved. then for a while the importing was working fine and now the problem is back and even after closing the program and reopening it keeps loading and showing the file as unavailable. This is really frustrating.
anyone else faced this? and how to solve it?


Thank you,


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Could you please try the solution mentioned in the article below?

Managed library import failed 


Thanks & Regards

Praise Tom

Praise Tom
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Been there, done that.
Unlink everything from and you will get a better and relaxed life.

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thank you for the reply, the only thing I could do of those options is to open the .lbr in text format but nothing seemed wrong there. when the library is stuck loading it cannot be opened or modified in F360.


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Thank you, it's good to know that this can be solved. could you please explain this in a bit more detail as I am a beginner and I do not know how to unlink it?

to explain a bit more about the situation. I am using a library loader that adds the parts I download to my .lbr file. and then in F360 I upload a new version of the .lbr file to access the new parts. and here's where the problem happens. perhaps there is a more efficient way to do this but I am not aware of.


best regards,


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