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Library chaos and managing them

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Library chaos and managing them

Hello there,


so now that we have 3 types of libraries and a very painful way of synchronizing them, can you update us on what your plan is in the future in this regard? I mean we have:

Local libraries which are stored on the PC and used mainly by Eagle

Managed libraries stored on

Team libraries stored who knows where and accessible from Fusion360.


All of those three only allow partial editing / creation and are filled with bugs. In eagle I can't open a managed library anymore. It has the arrow indicating that it is not in use but the "Use" button is greyed out. Also I can't manage 3D packages. On there isn't much that can be done other than visualizing the 3D models and in Fusion360, importing a 3D model for a component is rocket science. 


So when can we expect a decent, straight forward and unified (and please, please an intuitive) way of managing libraries?

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I have the a same questions surrounding the library system.
Especially now sinds the last update, there are a lot of problems with creating and editing librairies.
I hope at least that it be possible to add 3D packages to a footprint inside f360 without it complaining about circular dependencies sporadically. 

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in reply to: sebastian.sch

Amazing timing, I was just thinking literally the same thing.  Library management is incredibly weird and confusing.  I'm sure part of this is due to Eagle being somewhat weird and confusing to start with, but it doesn't seem like FE is making it any easier.


I kinda thought made sense as a single centralized (cloud based) library, that would be available for editing from Fusion and Eagle.  But then new libraries added to Fusion are local, not  So are local libraries then preferred?



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in reply to: kb9ydn

I second everyone here. I barely know what's going on as I try to import, edit, save new versions of, and work with libraries.

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Today i found this explantation video, which explains there library system. or where they are headed.

I think my main question then changes. why would you want to have all these different library systems? 
I like the idea of library IO, that's to say, i like to have my librairies saved in the cloud. but i dont like to exit my environnement (F360) to add a 3D package to a footprint, and still have it fully function with library IO. 
Why not have one librairy system? and implement this in f360 and eagle.

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I am very happy I am not alone to have this library problem !!


Sometime, also often I have this error message ! do you have it ? 


The library management is a CATASTROPHE and not really intuitive and simple.


Capture d’écran 2021-04-09 à 16.55.23.pngCapture d’écran 2021-04-10 à 15.22.17.pngCapture d’écran 2021-04-10 à 15.22.44.png 



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I’ve seen that video before posting and was hoping that is a temporary workaround to provide people the possibilities to work with both eagle and fusion360. My expectation is that eventually Autodesk will decide on one platform and focus on it, designing it to be intuitive and efficient instead of trying to make a lot of shady workarounds to keep legacy SW compatible with the new one. Just make Fusion360 work properly and have all features that eagle has and then you can just scratch eagle completely.


For me, the only option currently is to stick with eagle and to ignore the 3D Modeling. It’s disappointing because I was able to do the exact same thing 10 years ago so Autodesk didn’t improve eagle in any useful way ...

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in reply to: sebastian.sch

I have to agree with all of the above


I watched the video posted by manu_roelents in message 5

I have watched a few other autodesk eagle, F360 etc tutorials, all of which move way too fast for me

do this, do this, do this makes it feel like a game of simon says, rather than a learning process


I also have a strange error shown in the screenshot attached

it comes up whenever i click on library, open library manager

i then close the message (click on OK) and the library manager opens

i've asked about this before (contact us) and never gotten a response




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Hi @wwfeldman ,


I hope you're doing well. Have you watched this new series of component creation videos? This series might be helpful to you.

That error is unique, it's actually the first time I've seen it would you be willing to share the lib with me.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

Kudos are much appreciated if the information I have shared is helpful to you and/or others.

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In this video we cover creating a Libraries project to store your electronics libraries. We also cover how to create a new library from scratch Video 1: Electronics Libraries Overview Video 2: Making Schematic Symbol Video 3: Making a ...
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in reply to: jorge_garcia2

i click on library (file edit draw view tools LIBRARY options window help)

then i click on open library manager in the drop down,

then the message appears


when if click on OK in the message, the library manager comes up

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Have been trying to figure this out for a few day's now...!
The team libraries in fusion 360, can be stored everywhere in the projects or folders you create...? This creates a huge chaos...

A team libray, stored anywere in a project can be used by another project, without it needing a copy-of-its-own in that project?

Your suggestion is, to create a project called libraries, were you store your team libraries, so they are on a known location, if I'm correct. So if all them libraries are in a project/folder inside that project, can I 'just' delete accidental copies of the team libraries in other projects I started creating to learn how to use fusion?


Why is it so hard to find the information provided for in this video?


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in reply to: matthijsKE8Y2

This thread was started by sebastian back in april.

september will be 5 months.
libraries are the heart of schematics, PWBs and 3D models


in eagle, one could open a "table of contents" and see a device list, a schematic symbol list, a footprint list and a 3D model list. (and if i recall) when you highlighted a device, the corresponding symbol, footprint, and 3d model got highlighted. (and if that isn't what happened, it sure would be nice)


the big question: when are the library issues going to be resolved?


so i would like 4 things:

1) F360 electronic library instructions that DO NOT confuse the issue with eagle libraries and team libraries - just F360 electronics libraries, that i can share or not as i desire


2) be able to draw a 3D model in F360 and port it easily (one click?) to electronics footprint and 3d parts of the library, so can it can be combined with a schematic symbol into a device.


3) F360 mechanical and PWB mechanical integrated, so i can draw the board in F360 and transfer it to electronics

(or extract it from my box drawing i did  for packaging the board into a saleable product), again, preferably with on click


4) in F360 electronics - instead (in addition to??) "create new library" there is an "add to existing library"


thank you

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in reply to: wwfeldman

your point 2 is quite there already.. if you have a step file of your package you can upload it to a folder and put that on the 'empty' package there is wen you say edit. you only have to check orientation, works good!


I've first uploaded all my eagle libraries to, and then saved them in a project called ' TeamLibraries' were a folder libraries and a folder 3d models is. when I saved the libraries it automaticlaly asked me to push the new version to the managed lib. 
works like a champ. having all libraries 'local'  makes it a lot easier to work with, if you add components they can easily be pushed to No more weird errors and stuff..

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