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Library and Project Updates are Not Real Time

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Library and Project Updates are Not Real Time

Why are projects and library updates not uploaded in real time?


I think every time I try to use Fusion 360 I need to come to this forum with complaints.


Most of them hinge on not being able to open projects or my library.


If not being kept from opening projects, it's updating the software.


Why are changes not saved and uploaded in real time and why aren't updates to software automatic?


Instead I need to check for updates, unload and reload the software or allow the uploads to take hours because it will not upload updates until I pause, force a shut down, and restart.


That used to work. now it doesn't and I can't open anything.


How can I create a schematic and PCB from a design, if I don't have access to the cloud software and my files?

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in reply to: RCBakerBorn

Hi @RCBakerBorn,


I hope you're doing well. There are somethings here I'm going to need you to clarify to make sure I understand.


So Fusion does announce updates when they are available. You can delay them up to 14 days but we generally recommend the update is done as soon as available. We have run into users that NEVER close Fusion and in those scenarios they run into problems because they get even more out of date and the internal schemas change which can lead to problems. Easiest way to avoid this is to close Fusion at the end of the work day. Does any of the above apply to you?


Let's start there and see what we can figure out.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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