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Libraries - Batch edit function or XML library edit function in F360-FE

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Libraries - Batch edit function or XML library edit function in F360-FE

For most basic workflows, the new library editor works well, and I even prefer the new design.

However, for me to entirely switch over, some functions are missing (also missing in Eagle).


Today I solve most of the missing batch editing functions, by editing the XML code of the libraries, which seems to be an awful process, once the library is in F360-FE.


Two recent examples, where I struggled. 

1. On a high pin-count device, with two similar, yet slightly different package variants, I connected all PIN/PAD combinations. The easiest way to create the second variant would be "duplicate" function and then change the difference. 

2. For good measure, when I create a new library part and I know for sure that I will need somewhere in the future use other variations as well, most of the time, I create all components to my library. A good example would be a part like "SF-1206". It is available in F(ast) and S(low) blowing and various current values. By editing the XML code, creating all variants is a matter of minutes after creating one.

The workflow is like:

a) create a single part

b) edit the XML library. Copy the <device>...</device> section within the <devices></devices> section and insert as often as the part has variants

c) modify the values of each inserted copy.


How would I do this in F360 efficiently? Are there batch editing functions available or at least planned in the future?

Or is there an efficient way to also edit the XML code in F360

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in reply to: D-NGK

Hi @D-NGK,

Currently it's not possible to do these things in F360. This is part of the functionality that hasn't made it over to Fusion360 yet. We are working on these types of features.

Ideally you should never have to go into the XML.

Thank you for the suggestions.

Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

Kudos are much appreciated if the information I have shared is helpful to you and/or others.

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Thanks for the reply and consideration.

Of course, I would also prefer to avoid moving to XML code for batch changes. But right now there exist several situations where this is way more efficient.


Another situation it helped me a lot was in regards to my other question here:

Also, as I already had some components prepared with the mechanical information in Layer 107, moving these to  Layer 53 for the hole library took me a minute in XML. In contrast, it would have probably taken a minimum of 20 in the library editor.

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