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Layer 25 tNames have white hatching marks over them

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Layer 25 tNames have white hatching marks over them

Sorry for the novice question but I updated to version 2.0.16265 x86_64 the other day, and I noticed my component names in layer 25 (tNames) now have a white rectangle around them with hatching.   How do I toggle this on and off?


Layer 15 tnames hatching mark.png

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Hi Mike,

This is caused by the No Vector Font design rule that has sbeen changed with the latest update to check the silkscreen text as well apart from the signal one like it used to be. To tunr this off just open the DRC dialog and go to Misc tab and un-check the Check Font check-box then save and save the file so the new option is going to be when you open the design next time. Please see below:



Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


Kind Regards,


Constantin Popescu
Principal Software Engineer

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