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Issue with Custom SMD Pad

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Issue with Custom SMD Pad

I'm beating my head against a wall at this point. I've searched through the forums and done everything I could read.


Summary: I needed to create a custom component for a Luminus Devices MP5050 LED to input into a PCB as I could not find a library with it.


Problem: The MP5050 has a fairly custom SMD footprint:



I've read everywhere that I need to place a small SMD pad then envelop it with a polygon, which I have tried a rectangle as well as a polygon. Here is my current footprint:




Note: I've read that either the width or height of the enveloping polygon has to have at least one matching dimension. Which this does - unless the odd shape is too much for Fusion to recognize.


Here is how my Schematic looks (groovy):



Here's what my problem looks like - it appears that something is going on with the Polygon during my placement/rotation of each LED and causing the copper to get all screwy on me.



Any suggestions here would be great as I've redrawn my footprint several times to no avail.


PS - I have a copy of the copper layer polygon on the tstop and tcream layers as well and this does not help. Eventually I need to resize the tcream to match the stencil opening.



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 I think I may have solved my own problem, although it isn't really a solution. I found another thread that says there are issues with 3D rendering of custom pads currently. This is the CAM preview output which appears to be correct.




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