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Introducing New Industry Specific Resources for the Community

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Introducing New Industry Specific Resources for the Community

Hi Everyone!


Today’s climate offers many challenges for you and your professional career—but it also presents unexpected opportunities for growth, learning, and reinvention. Autodesk is committed to supporting your efforts with a robust community and resources to help you stay competitive as you explore what the future might hold.


To try to help you and your business, we have created new Industry specific resources for you!  All of these new resources for Design & Manufacturing (D&M), Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) and Media & Entertainment (M&E) can be found on this page.


For new Design & Manufacturing Resources, see the following links:


Design & Manufacturing, Chris Benner – Community Manager



Resources include:


Post or Find Jobs - A LinkedIn Group where users can search or post job openings, and other useful information.

Find a Consultant - A link to the Services Marketplace

Start Learning - Link to the Mechanical Engineering Learning Center

Community Meetups - Links to the Mechanical Webinar Series

Visit the Gallery - A place to showcase your favorite works and receive feedback from the community.

Join a User Group - Links to the Autodesk Group Network

Join the Conversation - Our New Shop Talk forum, where users can talk about Industry related topics, share insights, images, tips & tricks... whatever you want to talk about.

Supplier Advertising - A place for vendors, suppliers, etc. to post what they are offering to the community.


We really hope that these additional resources are useful and interesting places to come and share content and spend some time creating a network with others just like you. Please go check them out and start engaging today, and then share these with your friends and colleagues!

We would love your feedback on other ways we can help and make these new resources more interesting and meaningful to you! If you have any questions, please feel free to @ mention or PM me!

Chris Benner
Industry Community Manager – Design & Manufacturing

If a response answers your question, please use  ACCEPT SOLUTION  to assist other users later.

Also be generous with Likes!  Thank you and enjoy!

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