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Infinite sync cycles between footprint and 3D generated part after modifying footprint

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Infinite sync cycles between footprint and 3D generated part after modifying footprint



I finally decided to leave eagle behind and move towards Fusion completely. To get acquainted with the new user interfac I created a team library firm scratch. It is new, and not linked to eagle or I created a couple of passives with the 3D part generator and afterwards modified the silkscreen and name layer on the footprint. Now the library and the 3D files are stuck in an infinite synchronization cycle. When I safe the library a pop-up showing the message: "Packages from Fusion Team are out of sync with the footprints in the library. Do you want to update the packages now?" When I click yes, the parts are getting updated and show the correct modifications. However, afterwards, they are bold again showing, that the library needs to be saved. Then the cycle repeats. 


Is it not possible to modify footprint generated by the 3D package generator?


Kind regards,


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Hi @rene.kellenbenz 


I hope you are doing well and thank you for your post.

The infinite syncing is a known issue. Our dev team already worked out a fix for this and we will probably have this solved with the September release. 

Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience. 


Best regards,

Richard Hammerl

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in reply to: rene.kellenbenz

Hi @rene.kellenbenz 


I hope you are doing well.

Our dev team has fixed the infinite syncing issue in the latest production build 2.0.11183. Please have a check and feel free to let us know if you still have issue. Thank you!

Thanks again for your report and sorry for any inconvenience.


Best regards,

Alina Peng
SQA Engineer

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