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Incorrect parts in "Connector" library

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Incorrect parts in "Connector" library

In the "Connector" library there are 3 JST XH connectors that have incorrect hole sizes (too small) in their footprints.  The part numbers are:





Of course I only discovered this after I had custom boards made and found that the connectors don't fit.  Yeah, I should have checked to make sure the parts were correct, but you would expect that libraries supplied by Autodesk would be good.  😑


So I just wanted to flag this as something to fix ASAP.




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Hi @kb9ydn ,


I'm passing this on to our librarians for review. Unfortunately, and this applies to all ECAD software, the only libraries you can trust are the ones you vet yourself.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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in reply to: jorge_garcia2

@jorge_garcia2 wrote:

Hi @kb9ydn ,


I'm passing this on to our librarians for review. Unfortunately, and this applies to all ECAD software, the only libraries you can trust are the ones you vet yourself.


This is true.  And even after all the bad solid models I've downloaded from GrabCAD, I still get bitten by this occasionally because I'm in too much of a hurry to double check everything.


Thanks for passing this on and thanks for the continued effort in making Fusion Electronics better for us all.



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Hi @jorge_garcia2. Please also pass on that the 3d package of B2B-XH-A is badly placed (going through the PCB), and its footprint has a different orientation than the other BxB-XH-A parts. Additionally, the width of the placement layer (silkscreen) is different.


@kb9ydnthank you for pointing this out. I believe this is still an issue and I will double check the drills before giving my next board to a manufacturer.

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in reply to: kb9ydn

Has anyone found a library that works in the interim? Otherwise, how would I edit the hole size myself for production?

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I prefer checking and editing libraries myself instead of downloading the next buggy version of something. And yes, there are many libraries with bugs out there. As an example, on my last project, all SMD transistors had silkscreen all over the pads...


So, you need to familiarize yourself with the library editor a bit. There are many tutorials out there. Try to create your first, simple part to get a hang on what "device", "package" and "footprint" is. Then, as a starting point for editing existing parts, go to the library manager (where you select part libraries for your project), right click the library you want to edit and choose "edit [lib_name]". It will download the lib and create a local copy. The library editor should open, and the first thing you should do is save the library.


Now, for the B2B-XH parts in the connector library, choose the part you want to edit from the parts list, unfold the tree and choose the footprint (the entry with a 2d chip icon). You should now see something very similar to the PCB editor with the footprint of the part, consisting of solder pads, labels and dimensions. Edit as needed, save, and you can go ahead and use your local copy of the library, just like any other library, in your circuit design.

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