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Incorrect geometry when pushing from Eagle to Fusion 360

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Incorrect geometry when pushing from Eagle to Fusion 360

Hello Fusion Forums. I've run into a bit of a head scratcher here.


While performing a push from Eagle to Fusion 360, the majority of the holes on my board are constructed from line segments rather than circles. (See attached) Over the whole board, this kills computation and makes sketch projection and updating extremely slow.


Is there something that I could change in my Eagle Project or Fusion to prevent this?


Some of the things that I've tried:

  • Looking for geometry artifacts (like those that can be created on the dimension layer when you "Pull from Fusion")
    • There were many, but I removed them all
    • No change
  • Deleting and adding back a component
    • No change

Some interesting observations, things that seem important for diagnosis are bolded:

  • Many of the components are copies of one another (in eagle)
  • The first instance of a copy is imported correctly, but all copied components have some holes segmented
  •  It seems to only impact features on the following layers; Dimension, holes, milling
    •   Vias and pads that make use of the drills are not affected





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