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Improvements of UX - "Polygons", "Design Manager" and other

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Improvements of UX - "Polygons", "Design Manager" and other

Dear developers, 


I have some propositions for UX in Fusion based on my first experience working in the software. As for now, in some cases, in my opinion, UI/UX can be improved.

1. Polygons in PCB are represented as "PolygonEdge". It is not possible to easily select the polygon and highlight it in dense board, to see what it is covered. Such tasks are important, for example, when checking return current of some important high-speed circuit or when stray inductance of the current loop should be minimized. Yes, you can select and highlight wires (traces) in Design Manager, but it does not highlight polygons associated with the net! This is quite strange, because when the user uses the command "show" in Schematic editor, and selects the trace, containing the polygon on PCB, the polygon will be highlighted at PCB! Also, in the mode "Show" it is possible to manually highlight objects on PCB, but in this case user need to click the polygon in some "special| place", and it will be highlighted (not selected!). So, just summarize - polygon can't be selected in the "Design Manager" as the "Signal" part of the PCB. 

2. The "design manager" doesn't support dropdown lists and active filtering (typing the initial symbols and filtering the list based on it) when user writing the expression. It means, user need to remember all net names in the design!

3. Parallel selection and highlight of objects on PCB when selected in Schematic and vice versa. It is quite a typical task - selection of the components on Schematic, and then reposition of such components on PCB. Yes, it is possible to select some objects (components, nets) on Schematic, and they will be highlighted on PCB. But it is not possible to do something with these selected parts on PCB (when you will try to move them - selection will disappear). In my opinion, such double-side collaboration is essential for any PCB design software, because designer need to work simultaneously with these two documents.

4. Special commands "Show", "Info", "Move", "Delete". It will be better to have standard function of selection of objects with the possibility to use RM menu for the selection of required commands, and use "drag and drop" technique. Partially it is already implemented for components or wires (traces), but for some cases user can do modifications only by using special command (even for movement or deleting). Examples - movement of polygons, changes of the ports for modules etc.

5. Automation. ULP and Scripts. As far as I can see from my beginner in Fusion level, many tasks that implemented in other programs as menu commands, here in Fusion can be run as ULP, for example, re-numeration of components designator or BOM export. Why such often used commands are not in ribbon toolbar commands?


In general, user interface and user experience looks not so "user friendly" and not intuitive understandable. In some cases, design workflow lack useful features that were implemented in other PCB design software long time ago, but it is another story and another thread. As for UI/UX, I hope at least some of mentioned in my post features will be implemented or set to the list for the further development. 

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Hi @oleksandr_velihorskyi,


I hope you're doing well, thank you for this feedback. We are in fact working on some these points.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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