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I lost one month work because library over for me and my students....

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I lost one month work because library over for me and my students....

I lost one month work because library problem...Now when I open a component I have systematically a crash of app, the Library I use is Würth, official company and very serious.


I'm tired of spending more time to debugging than working and teach, What a wonderful advertisement for your product during a magistral courses in amphitheater, ooooops You can go smoke a cigarette I'll try to debug for a few hours.




I have more 300 students who NEVER use FUSION in the futur, but it seems like it doesn't matter for you, don't forget it will be this future generation who use your products, but there not Fusion ! it's sure.


But I imagine the team will reply me that all is ok and this is just a small bug will be solved in 6 month. !!!!  ARE YOU SERIOUS ? ARE YOU PROFESSIONAL ?


I think I was very patient but now GAME OVER, but the big question for me is,  does I am alone to meet those problems ? if yes what I do bad ?????????????????????? I have tried everything, clean Fusion re-install, clean library re-install, update 456456 time all my library, and alway the yellow exclamation point and workflow problems.


I used Eagle since more 20 year without problems, Fusion must to be better isn't' it ? Return us EAGLE, he's very slow under Big Sur but it work well without library bugs...


It is not necessary to answering me that you are sorry for these inconveniences and you are doing the necessary, so I will dispense with the comments of the Fusion team, I have just lost a month of work for first time in 20 year (Never with Eagle) I am so very pissed off and angry, it's normal and legitimate right ?






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